Temporary Employees’ Legal Rights Are Equally Represented

‘Tis the season that employers hire temporary employees for the busy holiday season.  While the temporary employee is just like any other at-will employee, meaning the temporary employee can be fired for any reason – or no reason – that does not mean the temporary employee is still without legal rights.


A temporary employee still has the right not to be discriminated against in the workplace and to be paid fully for any hours worked.  If you feel that you are being paid less than what you believe you are owed, harassed or discriminated against, tell your supervisor, or the head of the temporary employment agency who recommended the job to you.  Initially reporting the problem this way may be the quickest and easiest way to get the problem fixed.


You should also keep an independent record of your hours worked.  Or, if the problem involves harassment or discrimination, create a written record of the incident.  You can also consider filing a formal complaint with the employer or temporary employment agency – or both.  Your log of hours, written record or formal complaint may be the best recollection of the events.  You can also ask to be reassigned to another position.  As a last resort, if the employer has a corporate office, there may be someone there to contact to lodge a formal complaint.


If the problem persists, contact the Law Offices of Damian Christian Shammas, LLC to discuss your options.