Could You Recognize A Work From Home Scam?

We have all seen the offers – sometimes via email, or on flyers placed on your windshield, even along local streets – promising easy work from home opportunities in exchange for thousands of dollars. These offers seem promising, especially to stay-at-home moms, college students and the recently unemployed. But beware, they are often too good to be true.

How can you spot a “Work from Home” scam?

  1. Is the website or company real? Google it! Check the website and be convinced the opportunity is legitimate.
  2. Can you trust the contact? If you are contacted through social media, consider if this is a contact you initiated, perhaps through LinkedIn. Additionally, verify the contact information they provide. If you are unaware of the contact, or cannot verify the information provided, the contact may be a scam.
  3. Is the opportunity “too” enticing? Scammers often ask potential employees to immediately quit their current job, to start immediately. When the employees do, the scammers will quickly go out of business, or terminate the employee.
  4. Are you required to give something to get something? Be wary if you can only accept the opportunity if you provide personal banking information, or buy products and materials. This is often a clue that there are upfront or reoccurring fees associated with the opportunity. In short, never give up your personal information without trusting the party requesting it.
  5. Is the potential employer willing to meet you in person? A huge red flag should be waved if not.

If the opportunity checks out, be ready to work from home. Make sure your computer and printer can handle the workload. Ensure the pay meets your qualifications. Get the job done, so more work will come your way.

If you feel you are the victim of a workplace scam, contact the Law Offices of Damian Christian Shammas, LLC at (973) 998-8500.